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Based out of Montreal, Canada, Ken Presse is a singer-songwriter and producer who graduated from McGill University. He’s performed on the guitar, percussion, bass and keyboards for many events such as opening for Mumford and Sons, International Jazz Festival of Montreal, 4 sold-out MTelus with The Franklin Electric, and on the main stage at Osheaga. As a musician, in the past three years alone, he’s toured over 18 countries. Ken Presse’s sound is a mix of folk, country, indie rock and pop.  With these elements, he’s created a sound that is uniquely his own. His voice gently presents his lyrics about sadness and hope, touching anyone who's ever been in love.  Ken is working on an upcoming album in 2022, for which the singles «The Thing About You », «Somebody Like you» and his latest «This Ain’t the Night» have already been unveiled. 

Canadian musician Ken Presse
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